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Have you seen this guy? Incredible… He makes me mad… Just have to reply…

Dear Mr. Monckton,
You’re so called freedom cannot sustain itself anymore without extreme border protection, protectionist policies and wars all over the globe. That’s not liberal, that’s not ‘the market’, and most of all: that is no freedom.
To deny that our global system is not functioning properly is shortsighted at best, selfish at worst. Countries no longer exist in isolation, they are all interdependent. So, as proud as you may be at your country, it has served its purpose, just like mine and any other. That type of entity is outdated and will have to step aside. Borders are fading. What gives any human being the right to deny access to another human being to wonder the globe anywhere he likes? The US did not belong to the people now ruling it. No country or area should belong to anyone. Really, the days of superpowers that intimidate and consume at will are over.
All freedom thinkers agree: freedom stops where it limits the freedom of others. Excessive, unbalanced depletion of resources and resulting climate change is just that. We, the western world (so certainly not just the US!), have limited the freedom of others and now have to face the consequences. To deny that, is proof of the mentality that got us here in the first place: selfishness.
No I am not a socialist but a liberal, and yes I happen to be a US lover. The market rules and liberal principles have not failed nor changed. But the scope to which they need to be applied has. Countries no longer exist in the new market and therefor the same rules need to be applied globally. And that means, no more protectionism, no more double standards and yes, it also means helping others out. That, after all, is one of human virtues. To help one of your own. And I suggest you start looking at every world citizen as one of your own.
So next time you say ‘we the people’, try to explain to yourself why you limit that group to any geographical boundaries. Trust me, sovereignty at country level is a thing of the past. It’s one world my friend, and that is the true reason why indeed you too will be signing that climate treaty at some point in time. Rightfully so.
Igor Kluin